Acqua Couture is a highly demanded brand that’s more than normal swimwear. Acqua Couture is not your run of the mill swimwear. Our designs are made for the youthful polished woman, focused towards sophistication, class, elegance, with a taste of confident sensuality. Our creations are worn by a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Made with the truly talented, refined, yet unapologetic performing woman in mind, Acqua Couture sets a new genre of it’s own. Never before has there been a company in this category, never before has a category like this existed. These collections are most popular for photoshoots, performing artists, celebrity costuming, model contests, television, movies, concerts, magazine media and more. Every one is crafted and designed with the highest quality imported fabric and materials here in our California studio.

It is named after the designer’s heart’s inspiration :
Acqua simply meaning “water” in Italian
Couture due to the high end designs and haute reputation.



Our goal at Acqua Couture is to create not only the best upscale, personal, couture women’s swimwear store and brand in the Los Angeles area, but to give our customers an experience to remember. We will accomplish this by reaching our target customers who are professional, educated women. We will offer the customer not only the best possible quality products, but to deliver outstanding service in an inviting environment, one that will ensure that they will leave satisfied and wanting to return again. Our goal is to provide quality products with an exclusive trend setting vibe. We are still family owned and operated. We care a lot about the AC Team, you, our customers, our communities, and the environment we live in. AC operates out of Southern California where year round beaches and sun make for a perfect place to produce a bikini.


The finest imported fabrics from all over the world, including Italy, France, Morocco & Bohemia. Our designs are innovative and trend setting. We are home to the scrunch butt bikini. We even registered the domain long before everyone followed our lead. Although many have tried to duplicate our process, none have succeeded in creating a bikini quite like ours. Our designs transcend the boring mainstream prints and colors to bring you styles that pop out of a crowd. Behind the design is function. Our outfits have been perfected throughout the years to redefine the shape of your body by lifting key areas, and accentuating the most essential curves of your body.


Producing in a private lab in the USA allows our quality team to check each individual process every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience and development, we are experts in what we do. Our parts go through a rigorous screening and testing process. Only the best parts and materials are allowed in. Making the perfect bikini is not easy. But, getting one is. California studio


The collections available cover all aspects of many competitors. Not only do we produce our one of a kind couture styles, but we also offer other styles while other companies tend to only offer one kind of theme, look, fabric, cut and category.Our designs have something for every woman looking to stand out in a crowd. These collections are most popular for photoshoots, performing artists, celebrity costuming, model contests, television, movies, concerts, magazine media and more. Acqua Couture Swimwear is made from only the highest quality fabrics and materials. On the majority of our pieces if the fabric isn’t sparkling or glittering then the accent pieces are. Many of our suits are adorned with our own nickel-plated high polished silver Acqua Couture emblems. This also helps people to recognize the brand’s designs and distinguish it immensely from any other brand, ensuring that it will not be mistaken for another brand. Also used in our designs is the implementation of high quality waterproof jewelry. This includes chains, glass pearls, ribbons, piping and Swaroski crystal studs, rust-proof studs, as well as many types of different hand beading and all natural organic shells from the sea, such as mother of pearl, abalone, coral, cowrie and puka shells. Our products are made to catch the eye of anyone in the line of sight.