Acqua Couture is the new highly demanded brand that's more than "normal" swimwear. Our creations were made for the stage, which ever and where ever they may be. Worn by a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it, Acqua Couture women don't do pink bow ties. Made with the truely talented performing woman in mind, who is amazing even when she's just at the beach or pool, Acqua Couture sets a new genre of it's own. Never before has there been a company in this category, never before has a category like this existed.

The collections available cover all aspects of any competitor. These collections are most popular for photoshoots, performing artists, celebrity costuming, model contests, television, movies, concerts, magazine media and more.

Acqua Couture is not your run of the mill plastic rhinestoned or brightly colored cheesey floral patterned micro bikinis. In fact, you may not ever see a normal animal print, floral pattern or bow ties on any of our designs. Every one is crafted and designed with the highest quality imported fabric and materials here in our California studio.

It is named after the designer's heart's inspiration :
Acqua simply meaning "water" in Italian
Couture due to the high end fashion company we are, designs and haute reputation.


VOICEMAIL / .FAX :: 206-203-3190


Acqua Couture Swimwear Company